What They Don't Want You to Know About...The Healthcare System

What They Don't Want You to Know About...The Healthcare System

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What you don't know about our health care system could kill you! In this compelling brochure your prospects will read mind-blowing statistics about our Nation's leading cause of death...conventional medicine! In addition to stunning statistics your prospect will learn the 7 things They Don't Want You to Know About Conventional Healthcare

  1. Traditional healthcare needs you to be sick
  2. The current healthcare system treats symptoms, not causes
  3. The four leading diseases are largely preventable
  4. Antibiotics are becoming rapidly irrelevant
  5. Prescription drugs can be deadly
  6. Hospitals may be hazardous to your health
  7. Conventional medicine is a leading cause of death in the United States


This tool is perfect for use in doctor's, chiropractor's, dentists, and any other waiting room. Use a brochure holder to make your presentation more compelling. You can also use this brochure as a lead in tool to interest people about becoming more proactive about their health. The last panel of the brochure focuses on the need to consume a dietary supplement, which is a perfect lead in to the product you offer.

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